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Goooook Fashion!

This was at my brother-in-law’s wedding. I spent tonnes on my suit but I was outdone by a friend, Nabil (left) who got the Look-for-Less and made it look classier. Goooook Fashion!

There’s a fun fest out there; you might be deceived by the name, you may be bamboozled by the strain and effort but deep within there, lurking in the fruits of effort it’ll rock your world. Occasionally those feelings of euphoria touch me, and when they do I’ll be smiling like the proverbial Cheshire. I’m a little like a nerdy mathematician who has programmed his brain and social skills to react to all things by calculation and probability; I do it by language. That’s not to say that I’m any good at it, I just like that sense of achievement when that new grammatical rule has seeped through the rotten wood of my skull. Obsessed, I’m not; that part of my life unfortunately, is when I’m caught gazing into the TV screen, game controller in hand at ridiculous hours of the day. I think Beelzebub has a new tool of distraction: The PS3.

Outside of those two things I’m trying to hit some kind of goal, which is why I’m back in school studying to gain my MSc in Transport from Loughborough University. Fortunately, it’s a goal that I’m fascinated by, I’ve worked in the transport industry since 2000, so to quote a colleague, I’m a railman (Transportman??) by default.

I love the great outdoors but hiking, biking and football have taken a spectator seat for a while, besides which my tyres are flat and I don’t have a pump. That’s a lie actually, because I do have a pump, the problem is that it’s some mechanical contraption that I haven’t quite figured out how to use (it’s complex), which is increasingly ironic since part of my study is sustainable transport!

Courtesy of Anthony Smith (Metro)

Courtesy of Anthony Smith (Metro)


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