Little Britain

Little Britain

Don’t be offended. & If you’re likely to be offended, don’t read.

If music be the food of love,

Each man to his own

To me Thrash Metal isn’t

But sado-Masochism!

Two parts desire

One part water

“Rise” to sons

Birth to daughters

Love child that is

Cordial on order.

Single parent families

Broken homes


Types that “stone”

F*ck, sh*t, p*ss, c*nt,

Devil’s spiel,

Cockney bruva,

Jellied eels.

Burberry caps, hooded tops,

Petty theft, corner shops.

“Two at a time”


A couple o’ beers

National stew

Trailer trash

Posh, white folk

Paki, Nigga, Navajo


Type A, type B

Blood type C

Positive, Negative


Fag, dyke, bender, batty

Batty- mad

Screwed-up, crazy.

Spastic, retard, gump, gimp

Run Forest!!

Ho, slapper, tramp, bitch

Stud? Geezer? Man, big dick.

Bush… Mao, Hitler, Stalin,

Malcolm, Obama- Nobel Callin’.

Parish Priest,

Little boys,

Hollow speech

Pastime; toys

Local Imam,


Back to all that


Jewish Rabbi,

State funded terror,


Bombs dropped, “in error”

In Summary: (Disclaimer)

This oxymoronic tonic

Is probably more moronic

Than logic.

My proportionate, racist basis

Is based on a thesis

That I conducted

And it deduces:

The nuances of bigotry abuses,

Accuses & cusses

Though my curse disperses

Indiscriminately cusses

The general masses.

It’s so far-fetched

Politically in-correct

That it cannot be contested

When everyone is offended.

Anyway, I conclude

My crude

Thesis of rude

Obnoxious abuse:

It can only be contested

That you’ve been abused

If I’ve failed to include you

In the perceived abuse!


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