The Empress of China

So this is from a series of wedding poems I put together. This one was for my own wedding hosted by my Wife’s family in the USA, we had made use of Evite, an electronic invitation tool (It’s cheaper than sending paper invitations!!)


A single Bengali,
A Chinese-Punjabi,
Empress of China,
Loads of jalabi,

Daree wala(ish),
Come in Suit, dress
Or ‘pucka’ saree.

Engagement do
For these lucky two,
Be there, be square
And be there by 6.

A quick reply
Would be much-obliged,
You ‘ave til 3rd o’ December
To return to sender.

Perfect ingredients (contradiction?!) for an engagement party, to your very own, Sadiya Shaikh! Bring yourselves, suited- booted, dressed & made up and have a bash, just not at the Bengali.

His name is Moyn
But he thinks it lame,
So we call him Mogz
Rather than his name!


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