So this is from a series of wedding poems I put together. This one was for my  Wife’s cousin in the USA, by this time I had been married 5 years. She’s a HUGE Harry Potter fan 🙂


This self-confessed,

Harry Potter obsessed

Young lady,

Was doused and dressed

In Cupid’s incessant

Pursuit of incandescence

Of these two –[break]-

Post-adolescent youth.




Now I’m not trying to patronise,

More merely vocalise

My wealth of marital experience

-[break] 5 years, you know!



These macking talents of:

Navedkhan Javedkhan Pathan

Which is a rhyme on its own

Goaded Hermoine [break] under his spell

Though, it may be the other way as well.



He’s now become her ‘jaan’

So they can hang around

And then some…



What I mean is pinch his face

And mutually embrace…



Now this Indian-Pathan


Molotov cocktail of traditions

Has produced a couple of

Bollywood proportions

Kudos & Congratulations!


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