Fight Night

This poem is about boxing, I authored it nearly 6 years ago and consider it my best piece of penmanship (Alhamdulillah). There is a supplement to it, but I’ve never actually typed it up and that inevitably lead to me misplacing it. Oh well, enjoy..

As you entered the ring

With the fights you fought

And the bravado you brought haughtiness

In your pre-fight talk

But judgment was sought again

As you came to court it ends

With punishment.

You were meant to shine

You said, entertain with a thousand kinds

Of masterful yet mind-

Ful games to cause me to resign

Myself to defeat.

Only one thing shone for you that day:

Those stars circling your head,

From that trash talk you said,

And I baulked at your threats,

As you bleed some red

No nearer alive than dead

& for every drip that you bled

Was relief for me.

My fist to your face,

Pounding with pace,

With contempt, yet grace-

Fully pressing the place

That puts you disgracefully

To that canvas.

And all that talk that you fight with

You think that you might win

But the truth’s that the writing

Is on the wall!

So as I write with my pen

A script that forecasts your end

As the man in the middle,

Will count to ten.


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