There’s nothing I can add that will explain what is meant other than for you to read. What I will add, purely for context, is that there is an Islamic thought that states that rain is a mercy from God.

Today I felt as though:

I walked my own line;

Towed my own line

In the confines

of my own mind

There wasn’t a thing that I’d find

To free this blinding vision

That has now risen

Like a thousand mercies


Images of “The Scream” painted,

Depressing and tainting my thoughts,

I ought to refrain,

And though help was sought

I can’t explain that I’m caught

Between misery and fraught with pain.

I hate it.

Darkness falls on my road

No peaks, just troughs

That goad my soul

But I’m alone.

My path is dark,

Dim lit, the stark-

Stare into neverness

An oversight of bare,

Barren roads:

My despair.

There’s a filter on my lens

That emits a darkened glow,

Emptiness, nothingness

Surrounds me

Comes before me

And follows me:

My broken road.

The clouds are darkened

but the mercies don’t fall.


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